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Happy Pi Day! Today is 3/14, that special day on which we get to celebrate our favorite mathematical constant and pie, one of our favorite foods. It’s an awesome combination, so let’s start the celebration with 4 awesome Pi pies. Pictured above from top to bottom are:

A Triple Berry Pi Day Pie created by the baking wizards at Pillsbury. (click here for the recipe)

A Winter Squash Birthday Pi Pie made by Barbara at Log Cabin Cooking. This pie was created in honor of Albert Einstein, who was born on March, 14, 1879. (Click here for the recipe) Happy Birthday Albert! Your birthdate is yet another reason you’re so awesome.

A splendid Apple Pi Day Pie via the Seattle PI.

And last, but clearly not least, Jules of Go Jules Go made this mouthwateringly awesome Chocolate Chip-Walnut Tollhouse Pi Pie, which she garnished with a beautiful chocolate-covered bacon Pi symbol, encircled by additional pieces of chocolate-covered bacon, because bacon. (Click here for the recipe)